Monday, November 28, 2011


Whoa guys.. took a month hiatus. My life was taken over by school (stupid) and opening the Etsy with Dave and Erica (awesome)! I know I posted a link in my last post, but you all need to check the store! It has been going super well, and we're super excited to watch it grow.. AKA taking another "vacation" upstate in two weeks to hunt for more awesome things and drink way too much whiskey in a woodsy/non-city paradise.

No but really, school sucked major, but I did create my own magazine for a class.  Of course, there were article requirements which explains why there's a recipe for cake in there. Clearly, I don't bake. Click to read my (fake) magazine!


Anyways, all of that stress did result in one thing--alcholism retail therapy!  I have accumulated quite a few new (but old) awesome things!  Which means, once I get back into the swing of things, it will all be photographed accordingly. Yay.

Please excuse me looking like a complete tool. IT'S JUST BEEN SO LONG THAT I FORGOT HOW TO PROPERLY POSE FOR MY BLOG. Anyways, about that outfit.. velvet anyone?  I know I posted a month or two ago that velvet was going to be my new thing, and believe me it is.  Those leggings are only the beginning of a large wardrobe movement. My striped button down was a lovely little find from some random thrift store, but it was definitely a mens button down and fits like a mens button down in an unattractive way. But throw a sweater over it? Perfect. My necklace looks like someone built it with an erector set, and they probably did, but I appreciate it in every way.  You can't really tell here but I got bored and did a bleach-less reverse ombre with my hair, and my red locks now fade into a really dark navy. Boredom at it's finest (but not as fine as my Hurricane Irene inspired bangs).

More posts soon. Yeee!



  1. Love the hair, top bun & heavy fringe, :)
    Funky style, following.

  2. d00d.. I've had velvet leggings on my mind for months. I'm gonna need those. further proof of us sharing some sort of twin brain cells.

  3. got inspirationnnnnn love here♥

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed reading your posts! And I really love your necklace! It's amazing and just got you a new follower :)

  5. the necklace.

    I DIE!

    J x

  6. omg that chain i want i want wow!

    fab outfit!