Monday, September 19, 2011

Stolen Girlfriends Club

It's starting to get chilly, which means I can finally bust out my long sleeves without melting into the sidewalk. I know my fellow New Yorkers are just as excited as I am. Had some fun with this amazing Stolen Girlfriends Club dress I bought in the beginning of summer that I've been DYING/patiently waiting to wear. It's a bit girlier than most of the things in my wardrobe, but amazing nonetheless. I got it for $18 when it was originally $374, so it was quite the steal (Get it? Har har har). Cheers to sales and employee discounts! I'm posting the same hat again and I don't care, I'm kind of obsessed with burgundy and floppy accessories.

The burst ring on my left pointer finger is one of my favorites from Lia Sophia. It was a gift Dani Stahl gave me once during the old days when I interned at NYLON Magzine. The spiked bracelet (worn in some other posts as well) is from Forever21 and was like, 50 cents.. okay, like $5.. and it is the best thing ever. My Mom grabbed it for me because she felt that it was very "me." She's the cutest.

Apparently I have rowdy neighbors that like to break chairs on my roof. And then leave them there.



  1. I love your dress and I'm obsessed with your hat.

  2. What up giiiirl. Rad blog you have here. ;-)