Monday, September 19, 2011

Norman Ambrose S/S 2012

So wow guys, I have been so busy with school, Fashion Week, work, etc. that I am a bit behind with my posting! Well, let me get started then?

After Lela Rose last week, I went to a few more presentations, shows and afterparties. On Monday I went to Lincoln Center to see the Norman Ambrose SS '12 collection.  It was actually really, really nice. Based on the crowd at the show--lots of platinum/white/grey hair, gaudy jewelery and Chanel bags (oh, I'm gonna get in trouble for that one)--I wasn't expecting what I saw! Lots and lots of metallics on feminine and classic daywear and eveningwear.

Most of the collection was in silver, gold or black, with pops of corals and teals in every few looks. My personal favorites were the glass beaded bolero jacket and this crazy feather headpiece one of the models wore! All in all, not exactly my style, but a gorgeous and well designed collection.

After the show I was outside Lincoln Center chainsmoking (don't smoke, kids) and looking witchy in my dark lipstick and mostly black ensemble when I was approached by Adam G. from to have my photo taken! Yes, the Lookbook legend asked to take MY photo. I felt honored. He is the sweetest of all sweethearts! Had to snap a few photos myself.

His accessories were killer!

Anyway, that night I went to some afterparty.. don't even know which afterparty it was, I just know I drank about six cocktails in a matter of 30 minutes (woops). Yay for Fashion Week and free booze!


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