Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion's Night Out

Thursday, as you all know, was Fashion's Night Out.  Although I'm not exactly a fan, as I think FNO gives everyone who lives in New York anxiety, I managed to still have a great time.  I hope you all dressed like crazies, because I certainly did.

Me. Completely see-through dress.
Cool bag I stole from my roommate.
An obnoxious amount of jewelry.

My lovely roommates Beth and Monika! 

My roommates and I just hopped from party to party (I mean, open bar to open bar) at Bebe, Diesel and more, then ended up at Santos Party House for some Drake concert ...Drake?  I don't listen to rap? Interesting nonetheless, especially because Drake never actually performed.

Diesel Party!

This boy had the coolest necklace, ever.
My first rap concert. I mean, wow.


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