Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Textures

This recent editorial for Helen Marlen Magazine encompasses everything I stand for/everything I will be wearing this fall. Georgina Stojiljkovic looks stunning in all Tom Ford, shot by Emma Tempest. The mix of crushed velvet, vibrant silks and feminine but slightly sultry sheer lace pieces are TO. DIE. FOR.

Images from Fashion Gone Rogue

I'm currently on the hunt for a velvet button down or leggings, and of course more sheer lace tops and bodysuits.  As if I don't already have enough.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Stolen Girlfriends Club

It's starting to get chilly, which means I can finally bust out my long sleeves without melting into the sidewalk. I know my fellow New Yorkers are just as excited as I am. Had some fun with this amazing Stolen Girlfriends Club dress I bought in the beginning of summer that I've been DYING/patiently waiting to wear. It's a bit girlier than most of the things in my wardrobe, but amazing nonetheless. I got it for $18 when it was originally $374, so it was quite the steal (Get it? Har har har). Cheers to sales and employee discounts! I'm posting the same hat again and I don't care, I'm kind of obsessed with burgundy and floppy accessories.

The burst ring on my left pointer finger is one of my favorites from Lia Sophia. It was a gift Dani Stahl gave me once during the old days when I interned at NYLON Magzine. The spiked bracelet (worn in some other posts as well) is from Forever21 and was like, 50 cents.. okay, like $5.. and it is the best thing ever. My Mom grabbed it for me because she felt that it was very "me." She's the cutest.

Apparently I have rowdy neighbors that like to break chairs on my roof. And then leave them there.


Norman Ambrose S/S 2012

So wow guys, I have been so busy with school, Fashion Week, work, etc. that I am a bit behind with my posting! Well, let me get started then?

After Lela Rose last week, I went to a few more presentations, shows and afterparties. On Monday I went to Lincoln Center to see the Norman Ambrose SS '12 collection.  It was actually really, really nice. Based on the crowd at the show--lots of platinum/white/grey hair, gaudy jewelery and Chanel bags (oh, I'm gonna get in trouble for that one)--I wasn't expecting what I saw! Lots and lots of metallics on feminine and classic daywear and eveningwear.

Most of the collection was in silver, gold or black, with pops of corals and teals in every few looks. My personal favorites were the glass beaded bolero jacket and this crazy feather headpiece one of the models wore! All in all, not exactly my style, but a gorgeous and well designed collection.

After the show I was outside Lincoln Center chainsmoking (don't smoke, kids) and looking witchy in my dark lipstick and mostly black ensemble when I was approached by Adam G. from to have my photo taken! Yes, the Lookbook legend asked to take MY photo. I felt honored. He is the sweetest of all sweethearts! Had to snap a few photos myself.

His accessories were killer!

Anyway, that night I went to some afterparty.. don't even know which afterparty it was, I just know I drank about six cocktails in a matter of 30 minutes (woops). Yay for Fashion Week and free booze!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Lela Rose Spring/Summer 2012

Sunday I attended the Lela Rose Spring/Summer 2012 Show at Lincoln Center.  It was really lovely, before the show began, with the lights dimmed, John Lennon's "Imagine" played in honor of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, with some audience members even singing along.

I saw lot's of splashed brights, greys and neutrals, bright oranges and corals and very feminine and flirty pieces.  Some quirky cutouts, ruffles and polka dots were also apparent amongst her pieces.  Overall, loved the collection! Not necessarily me, but really great.


Fashion's Night Out

Thursday, as you all know, was Fashion's Night Out.  Although I'm not exactly a fan, as I think FNO gives everyone who lives in New York anxiety, I managed to still have a great time.  I hope you all dressed like crazies, because I certainly did.

Me. Completely see-through dress.
Cool bag I stole from my roommate.
An obnoxious amount of jewelry.

My lovely roommates Beth and Monika! 

My roommates and I just hopped from party to party (I mean, open bar to open bar) at Bebe, Diesel and more, then ended up at Santos Party House for some Drake concert ...Drake?  I don't listen to rap? Interesting nonetheless, especially because Drake never actually performed.

Diesel Party!

This boy had the coolest necklace, ever.
My first rap concert. I mean, wow.


Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference

Well it's been a few days since I've posted.. I've been super busy with Fashion Week and just life in general...
So Wednesday I worked the Independent Fashion Blogger Conference (which to whom I have just been admitted to! Yay!) which was super awesome.  Of course it's always fun to attend events rather than work them, but this is my second time working the conference and I always have a really great time.  Besides mingling with other bloggers and listening in on really informative panel discussions (with speakers such as Leandra Medine, Coco Rocha and Ari Goldberg from StyleCaster), I got the chance to interview the panelists after each discussion!

I saw some old friends, gained some new ones, oh, and there was free Magnum ice cream all day.  I mean, I gained 30 pounds.

All in all, it was an awesome day!